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Electrical Evaluations

In order to maintain adequate safety standards and ensure that your premises is up to scratch, your business must undergo a full electrical evaluation every five years. 

Our team of expert commercial electricians here at ArkElEnCo are highly experienced at carrying out Periodic Inspection Reports (PIR) to ensure that your workspace is legally compliant and safety regulated as per Irish law. 

Our electricians offer full surveying and inspection of all electrical set-ups in your business property, inspecting everything from your company’s electrical wiring to your machinery and fuse box. 

Following your inspection, we can provide you with the adequate paperwork needed to show that your electrical set-up is safe and compliant.

If you need repair or maintenance work done following an inspection, our team of professional electricians are more than happy to help, offering high-quality and reliable electrician services to a range of different industries.

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Efficiency Testing

Alongside our standard PIR tests and surveying, ArkElEnCo offers efficiency testing for your business, advising you on the best ways to maximise electrical efficiency while cutting your costs at the same time. We can test your company’s electrical heating, lighting, and wiring to ensure that they’re working to full capacity, and offer the appropriate repairs and maintenance work if they’re not. Efficiency testing is a fantastic service to incorporate into your company, ensuring that your electrical equipment is performing optimally and saving you money.

Domestic Periodical Inspection

Homeowners are required to have the wiring of their property checked and certified by a registered electrical contractor if their home has been disconnected for more than six months.

Our domestic electricians offer full surveying and inspection of electrical installations in your home to ensure your property is safe and compliant.

Commercial Periodical Inspection

ArkElEnCo provides commercial periodical inspections for clients at their place of work to ensure your business is compliant with all relevant regulations.

Our cost-effective and professional service tests electrical installations for damage, wear and tear, excessive electrical loading and corrosion. Get in touch with us to arrange a commercial periodical inspection.

Industrial Periodical Inspectionon

We also offer a dedicated industrial periodical inspection service for clients who need to certify that their industrial premises complies with all health and safety regulations.

Should your electrical installations be found to be uncompliant, we can provide you with a quote for any remedial works and make all necessary repairs. A certificate of compliance will then be issued to you.

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Electrical Evaluation FAQ